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P-Nut Pal
  • Cordless/Rechargeable with 110V plug-in charger included.
  • Easily handles over 1/3 cu. ft. of peanuts in each operation.
  • Optional docking-ring (shown on top of can) may be used with standard 32 to 44 gal. trash containers.
  • Use for packing, unpacking and clean-up.
  • CAPACITY: just over 1/3 cu. ft.
  • DIMENSIONS: 10" x 10" x 13"
  • POWER REQUIREMENTS: 110V plug-in charger included (220V optional available).
  • Docking ring fits standard 32-44 gal. can.
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • P-Nut Pal Video

P-Nut Pal 120 (PP120)
  • Portable A/C powered (115V) unit. (220V-50/60HZ model available)
  • 55 gallon trash can and dolly included. (The unit may be purchased without the can and dolly. This will make the shipping cost more reasonable, but you will need to aquire a 44 or 55 gal can to accommodate the top separately. Call for quote or go to eBay to purchase directly.)
  • Will vacuum up to 7 cu. ft. of peanuts before the bag needs to be changed.
  • Use for unpacking and clean storage of peanuts.
  • CAPACITY: 7 cu. ft.
  • DIMENSIONS: 26-1/2" (dia) x 44" (H)
  • POWER REQUIREMENTS: Vacuum motor is 115V 60Hz 3.3 AMPS
  • INCLUDES:55 gal. commercial grade trash can and dolly, 8 foot of 4" clear suction hose and a 25 foot heavy duty power cord with on/off switch.
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • P-Nut Pal 120 (PP120) Video

Flowable P-Nut Pumper (FPP)
  • Hanging 115V peanut vacuum and dispenser (#30 unit shown). (220V-50/60HZ model available) 1 Year Warranty
  • Stores peanuts in a dispenser for easy re-use.
  • Optimizes work space by storing peanuts overhead.
  • Vacuum feature allows for easy removal of peanuts from incoming boxes and loading the dispenser with fresh peanuts (without ever needing to lower the bag).
  • Complete assembly manual available on-line. Just click the link below.
  • Flowable P-Nut Pumper Video
  • CAPACITY: 5 sizes available; 15, 30, 45, 60 & 75 cu. ft.
  • DIMENSIONS: see below
  • POWER REQUIREMENTS: Vacuum motor is 115V 60Hz 3.3 AMPS (220V-50/60HZ option available)
  • PARTIAL ASSEMBLY REQUIRED: Full-diagram, easy-to-follow instructions included (& also on this web-site)
  • INCLUDES: 16" clear dispenser hose, 25' heavy-duty power cord, plus 40 ft of rope, 3 pulleys and wall cleat for hanging (you must supply hardware to safely attach unit to ceiling).
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
Capacity (cu. ft) Dim Recommended Min. Ceiling Height Suction Hose Length Ship Weight
15 40"x40"x53" 8 ft 10 ft Actual weight 48 lbs
30 40"x40"x71" 10 ft 11 ft Actual weight 50 lbs
45 40"x40"x84" 11 ft 12 ft Actual weight 52 lbs
60 40"x40"x96" 12.5 ft 14 ft 2 pkg @ 48 & 8 lbs
75 40"x40"x108" 13.5 ft 15 ft 2 pkg @ 48 & 9 lbs

Flowable P-Nut Shipping Station (FPSS)
  • Designed for use with any size Flowable P-Nut Pumper (FPP-P30 model shown).
  • Special flat-top grate allows the peanuts to fall through into the hopper, where they are vacuumed into the FPP dispenser bag (via a special channel in the box).
  • The vacuum nozzle of the FPP can be lifted and used to vacuum peanuts from the top of boxes.
  • Complete assembly manual available on-line. Just click the link below.
  • DIMENSIONS: 36" x 48" x 30"
  • NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED If purchased, bracketing system does require some assembly.
  • WHEN PURCHASED WITH AN FPP: FPP is provided with 5" dia suction hose (instead of standard 4")

Portable Receiving Station
  • This receiving table is sturdy enough to hold heavy packages, and light weight enough to easily move from place to place.
  • Constructed of triple-wall corrugated with a sturdy, powder-coated metal grate top.
  • Easy assembly. Disassembles for easy storage.
  • DIMENSIONS: 36" x 46" x 30"
  • EASY ASSEMBLY: Instructions are right on the unit.

Overhead Dispensers

Peanut Recycling Video

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